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CCS Staff

2016-17 CCS Staff

In compliance with section 1002.421(1)(h), Florida Statutes, all teachers that our school employs or contracts with meet one of the following requirements:

  • 3 or more years of public and/or private school teaching
  • Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that requiresw them to provide instruction in subjects taught
  • Baccalaureate Degree or higher


  • Bill Keith, Senior Pastor
  • Jody Robertson, Principal
  • Jessica Robertson Office Manager
  • Kayla Chandler, Preschool Director
  • Faith Myers, School Secretary
  • Natalie Wilson, School Receptionist
  • D.J. Monty, Assistant to Principal

Academic Staff:

  • Gwen Keith, Upper High School Supervisor 
  • Janice Mason, Upper High School Monitor
  • David Keith, Lower High School Supervisor
  • Steve Carlson, Lower High School Specialized Tutor
  • Zac Branciforte, Lower High School Monitor
  • Kelsey Austin, 8th Grade Supervisor
  • Debbie Bagley, 8th Grade Monitor
  • Valerie Anders, 7th Grade Supervisor
  • Shelby Bates, 7th Grade Monitor
  • Logan Reed, 7th Grade Assistant
  • Mareah Shropshire, 6th Grade Supervisor
  • Charity Keith, 6th Grade Monitor
  • Kayli York, 6th Grade Monitor
  • Rayne Morency, 5th Grade Supervisor
  • Jess Felver, 5th Grade Monitor
  • Christie Robertson, 4th Grade Supervisor
  • Genie Goodson, 4th Grade Monitor
  • Norma Milton, 3rd Grade Supervisor
  • Andrea Pinell, 3rd Grade Monitor
  • Sherri Sandridge, 2-A Teacher
  • Holly Campbell, 2-B Teacher
  • Emily Sandridge, Second Grade Aide
  • Sara Steen, First Grade Teacher
  • Vivian Gouldthorpe, First Grade Monitor
  • Heidi Monty, Kindergarten
  • Rebekah Boyd, Kindergarten Aide
  • Jeniffer Parrish, Preschool  K4
  • Maria Martinez-Pineda, Preschool Aide
  • Astrid Crespo, Preschool K3 / Spanish Teacher
  • Diane Dowling, Preschool K3 Assistant
  • Kristen Cornwell, Preschool K3 Assistant
  • Marlene Colon, Spanish Teacher
  • Marsha Faircloth, Tutoring Specialist
  • Vickie Snook, Art Teacher
  • Sheri Keith, Reading Specialist
  • Michael Cunningham, PE Coach
  • Michael Boyd, Maintenance
  • Vanessa Spencer, ChildCare



  • Athletic Director, Kelsey Austin / D.J. Monty
  • Football Coach, DJ Monty
  • Volleyball Coach, Angela Watson
  • JV Volleyball  Coach, Courtney Feagle
  • MS Volleyball  Coach, Amanda Howe
  • Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Tambria Williams
  • Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Nate Ford
  • JV Basketball  Coach, Jonathan Colon
  • JV Basketball Coach, Michael Cunningham
  • Softball Coach, Jody Robertson
  • Baseball Coach, DJ Monty/Michael Myers
  • Cheerleading Coach, Heidi Monty