Call us at (352) 332-1493 to inquire about enrolling your child today!

Steps to Apply

Step 1:  Interview

Are you interested in your child attending Countryside Christian School? Call our Admissions Office at 352-332-1493 to schedule an interview. At this time you will be able to learn more about our school and programs we offer as well as tour the facilities and meet the administrative staff. This is also a great time to ask questions that will better help you determine if Countryside Christian School is a good fit for you and your student.


Step 2: Complete the Online Application which includes the following:

  • Character and Discipline Reference forms
  • School Records/Transcript
  • Non-refundable application fee of $25 per student


Step 3: Admission Decision

After application submission, the Principal will review the student’s entire application and respond via email with one of three decision types: Acceptance, Wait List, or Non-Acceptance.

Acceptance – These students are qualified to attend Countryside  Christian School and show promise of not only benefiting from but also contributing to the school. These students are offered enrollment positions. The school’s offer must be accepted or declined within 2 weeks of the acceptance date.

Wait List – These students are admissible but all available enrollment positions have been filled. Instead of being offered an enrollment position, a wait list position is offered.  The wait list does not carry over from year to year.

Non-Acceptance – These students are not offered enrollment at Countryside Christian School.


Step 4: Enrollment

After acceptance, parents will receive an enrollment packet link via email. The following additional documents will be necessary to complete the online enrollment process.

  • Copy of Student Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunization Record
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Parent Driver’s License
  • Uniform Order

Enrollment is complete once the enrollment packet is signed and submitted to Countryside Christian School. A $300 Registration Fee will be billed to your FACTS account at the end of the month. The billing office will handle all financial questions and transactions regarding tuition and fee payments from this point forward.


Step 5: Diagnostic Testing and Transcript Review

Diagnostic Testing

4th-9th Grade: Diagnostic testing will be conducted to determine PACE levels in each subject. Testing will be scheduled before the start of the new school year. If a student is enrolled during the school year, diagnostic testing will take place during the first few days of attendance.

Transcript Reviews

10th-12th – Upper High School students will be placed in courses and electives based on previous transcript records.